The Bus Turnaround Coalition is a diverse group of New Yorkers determined to turn around the poor service that plagues the city’s bus system and the more than 2 million rides taken on it every weekday.

We are winning increased attention from our leaders and greater resources for high quality, fast and reliable bus service for all neighborhoods in New York City.

We launched our campaign in July 2016.


The website’s content was developed by the Bus Turnaround Coalition, including Tabitha Decker, Zak Accuardi, Mary Buchanan, Al Beatty, Jon Orcutt, Hayley Richardson, Ashley Pryce, and Chris Pangilinan of TransitCenter; John Raskin, Stephanie Veras, and Danny Pearlstein of Riders Alliance; Nick Sifuentes and Vincent Pellecchia of Tri-State Transportation Campaign; and Gene Russianoff and Jaqi Cohen of New York Public Interest Research Group’s Straphangers Campaign.

Many people have contributed to the data analysis that underlies the bus report cards. The Bus Turnaround Coalition is particularly indebted to Nathan Johnson, Neil Freeman and Kuan Butts. We also thank City Councilman Ben Kallos, who first pitched the idea of using Bus Time data to measure bus performance, and who continues to be a champion of bus riders in the fifth district and beyond. JD Godchaux and Lela Prashad of NiJeL created an earlier version of the bus report cards on which the current version is based. Finally, the report cards were produced in partnership with and using technology from Carto.

The recommended changes in the “solutions” section are derived from analysis conducted by Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, an effort led by Larry Gould and David Fields.

This website was designed and built by Objective Subject. Original Turnaround illustrations were created by Max Halton.

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