Turnaround Fixing NYC’s Buses Take Action
19, Oct 2017

Bus operators and bus riders unite to demand MTA institute new policy of all-door boarding on buses citywide

The MTA has a timely opportunity to implement this system when it moves
to a new post-MetroCard fare payment system—a contract that the MTA might award as early as next week’s board meeting.

The current system puts operators in the position of monitoring fare payment and reminding riders of the fare, which can lead to conflict with passengers. Operators are regularly harassed, verbally threatened and assaulted in interactions that center on payment or non-payment of fares.
The present system also requires buses to wait longer than necessary at bus stops as riders board one-by-one; currently, buses spend 22% of their time waiting at stops instead of getting riders where they need to go. Moving to a new system of boarding through all doors, like other cities do including San Francisco and soon Boston, would help both operators and riders. Operators and riders united today to demand that change.