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20, Sep 2019

Riders and Elected Officials Say “No” to Service Cuts

In August, MTA Chair Pat Foye warned that citywide subway and bus cuts would come soon due to budget deficits and reduced ridership.

On Thursday subway and bus riders, grassroots progressive advocates and elected officials gathered to say “NO!” to transit cuts.

Bus cuts have already been planned for the B38 and B54 and the MTA has foreshadowed additional bus and subway cuts to be announced during the MTA’s board meeting on September 25th.

We’re saying “no!” to service cuts, because:

– Service cuts hurt vulnerable New Yorkers the most. Any cuts would hit low-income, elderly and New Yorkers of color the hardest
– Cuts lead to a spiral of reduced ridership and future cuts or outright elimination of service
– Congestion pricing will make transit availability even more essential in 2021
– The MTA is in the middle of a comprehensive redesign of the bus network, which means big changes ahead. Riders shouldn’t have to endure reduced service while these changes are underway