Turnaround Fixing NYC’s Buses Take Action
24, Apr 2018

The MTA bus action plan is exactly what NYC bus riders need

NYC Transit’s Bus Action Plan is exactly what riders need to get New York City’s buses moving again. From big-picture changes like a comprehensive bus network redesign to technical improvements like system-wide all-door boarding, this plan is a commitment from Transit leadership that it’s serious about solving the real challenges the bus system and bus riders face. Elected officials committed to transit improvements for New Yorkers should support the Bus Action Plan.

The Bus Turnaround Coalition is excited to see such an ambitious, comprehensive plan, and we look forward to helping make the Bus Action Plan a reality. We thank NYCT President Byford, MTA Bus Company President Irick, and their staffs for their leadership in putting forth the bus plan riders have been hoping for. Now it’s time for the Mayor and the New York City Department of Transportation to partner with the MTA to improve bus service for two million daily riders.