Turnaround Fixing NYC’s Buses Take Action
9, Feb 2017

Top 10 nominees for bus lanes

These ten bus routes suffer from the greatest disparity in travel times between peak and off-peak hours, meaning 250,000 riders traveling during prime commute times–when most riders are on the system–face unnecessarily slow, unreliable commutes to work, school, and important appointments.

Our list of suggested improvements includes

  • dedicated lanes with effective enforcement
  • bus bulbs and boarding islands
  • optimized traffic signals
  • queue-jumps

The routes and corridors selected have high ridership, roads that can support street improvements without negative impacts for single-occupancy vehicles, and, most importantly, a wide variance in travel times between peak and off-peak hours. We are calling on the NYC Department of Transportation to take the lead on making these improvements in 2018.

  1. B41
  2. Bx19
  3. Q58
  4. Bx9
  5. M101
  6. Q66, Q69, & Q100
  7. M57 & M31
  8. B35
  9. S48 & S98
  10. Bx28 & Bx38