Turnaround Fixing NYC’s Buses Take Action
6, Feb 2018

Waiting for the light

In July 2017, the NYCDOT released a report demonstrating the power of signal priority to improve buses and outlining a plan for expanding its use. Concurrently, MTA New York City Transit moved to procure software needed to enable signal priority on buses systemwide.

However, the NYCDOT and MTA NYCT are planning a small, slow expansion to just 20 out of hundreds of NYC bus routes by 2020.  We’re calling on the MTA NYCT and NYCDOT for a more ambitious timeline that would bring this solution to at least 20 routes in 2018, with the goal for continuing to extend it at a pace of at least 20 additional routes per year.


This targeted route list identifies priority local routes that should be considered for TSP. TSP is most effectively deployed on routes where the majority of passengers are traveling in one direction at a given time (otherwise, there is potential for conflict with buses approaching from the opposite direction).


  1. Bx1/2 Grand Concourse
  2. Q46 Union Turnpike
  3. B35 Church Avenue
  4. Bx19 149th St and Southern Blvd
  5. Q25 Kissena south of Flushing
  6. Q43 Hillside Avenue
  7. B41 Flatbush Ave
  8. Bx40/42 East Tremont Ave to the Throngs Neck Bridge
  9. Q111 and Q113 Guy Brewer Blvd
  10. Q5 Merrick Blvd
  11. Q12 & Q13 Northern Blvd, into Flushing
  12. B6 Bay Parkway and Flatlands Avenue
  13. Bx28/38 Gun Hill Road to Co-op City
  14. S46/96 Castleton Avenue
  15. S44/94 Richmond Ave

Download our report, Waiting for the Light.