Turnaround Fixing NYC’s Buses Take Action


Design streets to prioritize buses

Many strategies exist to improve street design for buses.

Create more bus only lanes with effective enforcement to enable buses to move more quickly through crowded streets. The use of effective enforcement measures such as bus-lane cameras should be expanded to ensure that lanes remain clear and violators are fined.

Optimize traffic signals to reduce the amount of time buses spend stopped at red lights and improve reliability. Only a handful of routes currently have this technology, but riders throughout the city should be given back extra minutes that they’re currently spending stuck at red lights.

Implement queue-jump lanes to reduce delays by giving buses a short, bus-only lane and a three- or four-second exclusive signal at intersections, allowing them to “jump” ahead of car traffic.

Install bus “bulbs” and boarding islands to eliminate time spent weaving in and out of traffic. These treatments also create dedicated waiting areas for riders, reducing traffic on busy sidewalks and improving pedestrian safety.